Scheduling Appointments

How Can I See and/or Contact My Counselor?
The preferred method of contact is by email. Students are able to see their counselor as needed by emailing their counselor to set up an appointment.  For academic or non-emergent meetings, students will sign in on the computer in the counseling department and select a day and time to meet with their counselor.
PLEASE REMEMBER: We will NOT call you down when YOU schedule the appointment, you should receive an email confirmation; just share this email with you teacher as your pass to come down.
If a student is experiencing a major social or emotional distress and the student’s assigned counselor is not available, there is always a counselor on call to assist.


I’m a Parent, How Do I Meet With My Child’s Counselor? Please contact the counselor via phone or email to schedule a time/date. School Counselor email/phone number are located under the tab “Who’s My Counselor?”