School Counseling Department and Support Staff

Ms. Amanda Staples

Head Counselor, 9-12th Grade, (N-R)

Amanda Staples photo

HometownRoanoke, Alabama
Personal Motivation:  


School Counselor Responsibilities:

  • Star Student
  • Gear UP
  • IB Liaison
  • GA Futures/HOPE 
  • DUAL Enrollment Coordinator
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • GA Virtual Learning – $$ Fee Based
  • College Fair Representative
  • Activity Chair for 12th Grade Guidance & Parent Night
  • FLEX Online Academy- $$ Fee Based

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Mr. Marcus Stanley


Counseling Administrative Assistant

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Personal Motivation: 


Counseling Administrative Assistant Responsibilities: 

  • Transcript Requests
  • Locker Assignments
  • SAT/ACT Waiver Requests {11-12TH GRADE ONLY}
  • College Tours

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Mrs. Angela Williams

School Counselor, 9-12th Grade, (J-M) 

Angela Williams photo

Hometown:  Detroit, Michigan
Personal MotivationOffering direct student services through guidance lessons, that will help students understand… knowledge is power.

Angela has been an educator for 28 years (elem. teacher, middle school para./secretaries, and elem./high school counselors). She holds a Masters of Arts degree in K-12 School Counseling and many hours of course work in EDS Leadership. She is a wife, and mother of two (daughter 25 years and son 14 years of age). She loves to spend quality time at home with family and enjoys reading spiritual wisdom; which provides the peace she needs to cope with life’s challenges: 2 Timothy 3:1, “But know this, is the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.”

School Counselor Responsibilities:

  • Counseling Website 
  • Quarterly Newsletter-DEBUT: Friday, December 21, 2018
  • College Fair Organizer
  • Counseling Student Requests {Google Docs}
  • Accommodations for SAT/ACT
  • Honors Day Program
  • MALES (Career Exploration-Small Group, beginning January 2019)
  • Activity Chair for 10th Grade Guidance & Parent Night
  • FLEX Online Academy- $$ Fee Based

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Dr. Shanesa Walker


School Counselor, 9-12th Grade, (A-C

Hometown:  Bainbridge, Georgia
Personal Motivation: 


School Counselor Responsibilities: 

  • STEM Liaison
  • College Fair Organizer
  • Scholarship Club
  • Teacher/Counselor Academic Collaboration
  • Advisement Material Preparations
  • Activity Co-Chair for 12th Grade Guidance & Parent Night
  • FLEX Academy- $$ Fee Based

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Ms. Deven Currie


School Counselor, 9-12th Grade, (S-Z

Hometown:  Brownsville, Tennessee
Personal Motivation: 


School Counselor Responsibilities:  

  • Governors Honor
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Academic Signing 
  • Georgia Merit
  • Activity Chair for 9th Grade Guidance & Parent Night
  • College Fair Organizer
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • FLEX Online Academy- $$ Fee Based

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Mrs. Stephanie McDonald


Stephanie McDonald photo

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Personal Motivation: 


Registrar Responsibilities: 

  • Onsite Enrollment and Withdrawals
  • Registration of New Students (between the hours of 8:00AM-12:noon) 
  • Data Entry (new address, telephone numbers, email, emergency contact, etc.)
  • Review Grade Reports for Teachers
  • Process/Print Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Record Requests
  • Input Approved Teacher Grade Corrections/EOC Test Scores

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Mrs. Nicole Bodiford

School Counselor, 9-12th Grade, (D-I) 


Hometown:  Decatur, GA
Personal Motivation: 


School Counselor Responsibilities: 

  • ASVAB Coordinator
  • Activity Chair for 11th Grade Guidance & Parent Night
  • Military Liaison
  • Professional Development
  • GIRLS (Self Esteem-Small Group, beginning February 2019)
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
  • College Fair Organizer
  • FLEX Online Academy- $$ Fee Based

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Mrs. Deyonda Edwards

Data Clerk

Deyonda Edwards photo

Hometown:  Morristown, TN
Personal Motivation COMING SOON

Deyonda has experience in the finance world and also has a security business. She is currently, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting CPA and a Sunday School Teacher as well. She is a wife, the mother of three children, and has a dog named Ebony.  She enjoys spending her free time relaxing and reading.

Data Clerk Responsibilities:

  • Educational Verification
  • Contact person for returned mail
  • Graduation Cohort Report
  • Transcribe Transcripts

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Mrs. Brandi Beavers


Post- Secondary Transition Specialist

Hometown: COMING SOON 
Personal Motivation: Brandi loves identifying and removing barriers, which may negatively influence college and/or career success.

Brandi worked within the financial aid departments of two higher educational institutions and the Georgia Student Finance Commission prior to joining the DeKalb County School District.  She is a former Geologist and holds a Master of Science in Education as well as a Master of Art in History. She is a wife, and mother of three wonderful children–two of which have successful matriculation histories at the University of Georgia, Athens. As a mother of two college level students, Brandi educates from personal experience with 100% transparency and informative college and career advice.

Post-Secondary Transition Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Preparing students for post-secondary options
  • Analyzing district, state and federal college/career indexes
  • Identifying factors impacting academic success
  • Helping students complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid)
  • Attending educational fairs
  • Recognizing students who are at-risk of not graduating

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