School Counseling Staff

Meet Ms. Amanda Staples


Head Counselor: 9-12th grade, Last Names (N-R)

Hometown:  Roanoke, Alabama
Favorite Quote: “Life…Lessons…Learned!”

Counselor Responsibilities:

  • DUAL Enrollment
  • GA Virtual Learning – {Green Screen} and $Fee Based
  • FLEX Academy- $Fee Based

Meet Mr. Marcus Stanley


Counseling Administrative Assistant

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Favorite Quote:  “Are you not entertained?”

Administrative  Responsibilities: 

  • Transcript Requests
  • Locker Assignments
  • SAT/ACT Waiver Requests (11-12TH GRADE ONLY).

Meet Mrs. Angela Williams


School Counselor, 9-12th grades, Last Names (J-M) 

Hometown:  Detroit, Michigan
Favorite Quote: “If possible, as far as it depends on you, be peaceable with all men!”- Romans 12:18.

Counselor Responsibilities: 

  • Georgia Credit Recovery- FREE (Parent/Guardian Orientation REQUIRED)- (Blue Screen)
  • Accommodations for SAT/ACT
  • Counseling Link Admin
  • FLEX Academy- $Fee Based

Meet Dr. Shanesa Walker


School Counselor, 9-12th grades, Last Names (A-C

Hometown:  Bainbridge, Georgia
Favorite Quote: “It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men!”

Counselor Responsibilities: 

  • STEM Schedules
  • FLEX Academy- $Fee Based

Meet Ms. Deven Currie


School Counselor, 9-12th grades, Last Name (S-Z

Hometown:  Brownsville, Tennessee
Favorite Quote: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!”

Counselor Responsibilities:  

  • Governors Honor
  • FLEX Academy- $Fee Based

Meet Mrs. Stephanie McDonald



Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Favorite Quote: “I Thank and Praise God!”

School Responsibilities: 

  • Onsite Enrollment and Withdrawals
  • Registration of New Students (between the hours of 8:00AM-12:noon) 
  • Data Entry (new address, telephone numbers, email, emergency contact, etc.)
  • Review Grade Reports for Teachers
  • Process/Print Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Record Requests
  • Input Approved Teacher Grade Corrections/EOC Test Scores

Meet  Mr. Derrick Evans

Derrick Evans

School Counselor, 9-12th grades, Last Names (D-I) 

Hometown:  Moss Point- (Mississippi Gulf), Mississippi
Favorite Quote: “Proper Preparation, Prevents Poor Performance!”

Counselor Responsibilities: 

  • ASVAB Testing
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
  • FLEX Academy- $Fee Based

Meet Mrs. Deyonda Edwards

Data Clerk

Hometown:  Morristown, TN
Favorite Quote:  “Smile, push through and NEVER let them see you sweat!”

School Responsibilities:

  • Education Verifications 
  • Record Requests
  • Cohort/Data Report
  • Transcribe Transcripts