GA Credit Recovery

Eligible Students:

  • Parent/Guardian MUST register and attend with the student a seminar during the semester of the program. 

  • Any student who has previously failed a course while attending a Georgia High School.

  • GA Credit Recovery is NOT for students who need one-on-one help or DID NOT get the basic understanding of the course content the first time the course was attempted.

 *Credit Recovery courses ARE NOT approved by NCAA*

This Credit Recovery option is 15 weeks in length. This program allows students who have completed seat time to earn credit AND a grade, based on competency of the content standards and it is FREE. Also, this program is teacher-less and the course will be taken online after school hours at the student’s convenience.

GA Credit Recovery is ONLY available twice during each academic school year and sessions begin at the beginning of each semester.

View the list of available courses below:


If you DO NOT see your failed course in the list above, GA Credit Recovery does NOT offer it.

Coordinator/Facilitator: Mrs. A. Williams (Tucker HS Counselor)